About Mare

About MARE

Bridge the gap between research and innovation in the EUROMED area in the technological pillars of:

 renewable energy microgrids
 renewable energy desalination
 energy efficiency in buildings

Main Activities and Outputs
  • Establish a Network of Actors in the EUROMED Area: MARE will establish and mobilize a network of important actors in the "knowledge value chain" in the EUROMED area such as national and regional innovation agencies, RTOs, SMEs, Funding Agencies and VCs, in order to facilitate exploitation of research results, improve competences, promote exchange of experiences and best practices and mutual learning.

  • Market pull and technology push analysis in the EUROMED area for MARE technological pillars

  • Map and identify suitable technologies, knowledge and methodologies under the three technology pillars, able to tackle challenges important energy challenges and technology needs for both EU and MPC countries

  • Promote market uptake of energy innovation through focus on applied innovation with:

    • Enhancement of the innovation and exploitation potential of the technologies by supporting the formulation of their technology profile, able to address the needs of the areas involved

    • Dedicated & targeted active technology transfer implementation by promoting selected technologies identified to meet actual technology needs from private and public sector in the regions involved through direct visits (missions)

    • Match-Making Events in order to bring together companies, technology centres, research and development institutes, research laboratories, universities and private researchers offering innovative technologies and know-how, looking for technological solutions or searching for partners for the European R&D projects

  • Identify strengths and opportunities in the regional innovation chain and extract transferable results and good practices reflected in a Technology Transfer & Market Uptake Model for TT officers, SMEs, Researchers, Intermediaries and the wider innovation community.
  • Provide specific innovation support and training services to organizations on specific topics such as IPR, financing, business planning, ‘soft’ innovation skills and technology transfer in training seminars.
  • Promote exchange of best practices between EU and Mediterranean Partner Countries through study visits and twinning projects
  • Organize international workshops on research to innovation in the energy sector to promote cooperation between EU and Mediterranean Partner Countries
  • Promote future collaboration towards Horizon2020 and bi-regional programmes on innovation by defining joint strategic agendas